Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oak Tree Corner Celebrates Another Great Year with Annual Balloon Launch

Last week, Oak Tree Corner groups met for the last time before the short summer break. As is tradition, each group participated in a balloon launch. The balloon launch is always held during the last meeting of the year and it's a special time for both children and volunteers, as well as the family members who attend Oak Tree Corner.

Volunteers, children, and their families gathered at our Beavercreek, Oakwood, and Springboro locations to participate.

After the regular pizza dinner, we broke into our usual groups for shortened sessions. Each child and volunteer wrote notes or drew pictures for their loved ones who had died.

Posing with a picture for his dad
Working hard on their notes
Once everyone was finished writing their notes, we gathered in one room to tie our notes to the balloon of our choice. There were a lot of options!

The balloon selection process

We gathered outside for the launch once everyone finished choosing their balloons and attaching their notes.

Ready to launch
Everyone stood together, each thinking of the loved ones in their lives who had died and brought them to Oak Tree Corner. We all let go of our balloons and silently watched them float away, higher and higher, until we could no longer see them.

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